Square Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, 41 Palermo
+39 3293812066


My name is Giulia and I am the mother of three fantastic children the names of the three rooms were inspired by my children’s name, “RE LUCA, PRINCIPESSA CARLOTTA AND THE MARCHESE EDOARDO”. My days are divided between work and family My passions are traveling, preparing healthy desserts or foods for people with intolerances and long and strenuous bicycle rides. I traveled a lot and this led me to make this choice, the construction of a place that hosts its guests with warmth and familiarity, My house has all those features and comforts, careful cleaning, particular attention to details and courtesy that I always wanted to find around the world. My guest will always have a sparkling welcome accompanied by a small gluttony and also theĀ  ‘apartment is equipped with a coffee machine to ensure a comfortable awakening