Palermo ….. city of art and traditions, history that mixes with smells and tastes of the typical Sicilian cuisine and it is in this context that the welcoming and comfortable receptive structure is entirely restored maintaining the elegance and the profileĀ  of a monumental liberty building dating back to the early 1900s “LE DUE ZIETTE”, a strategic location to fully experience the largest historic center of Europe located in the splendid Piazza that houses the imposing Palazzo di Giustizia, a Fascist era building, a few meters from the “TEATRO MASSIMO”, from Piazza POLITEAMA, the cradle of the historic theater” POLITEAMA GARIBALDI “, a few steps from three of the most famous Arab markets like IL CAPO, BALLARO ‘and the famous “VUCCIRIA” because it gave inspiration and life to one of the most famous paintings of theĀ  Guttuso painter, not to forget the quanties of churches and palaces of Arab Norman construction such as the splendid ROYAL PALACE and the enchanting CATHEDRAL. Everything within a pleasant walking distance.
“LE DUE ZIETTE” is situated in a favorable position because whit easy city transportation.
You may visit the blue bay of Mondello and MONREALE, hosting an importasnt CATHEDRAL